Camp is located at the Eau Claire YMCA

700 Graham Ave. Eau Claire, WI 54701

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Our camps provide weekly themes with a wide variety of exciting activities to expand your child's interest and engage your child in arts and crafts, field trips, swimming, singing, sports, nature, and more. Your child will develop new friendships and self-confidence, experience new adventures while gaining a sense of belonging to a community. Pricing is available for full weeks only. Prices for Y members and non-members are available. 

Typical Schedule

6:30 AM | Camp opens - free choice
7:30-9:00 AM | Breakfast (provided by the Y)
9:15 AM | Board bus for scheduled activities 
12:00 PM | Lunch (Please bring own)
12:30 PM | Themed activities & swimming at lake or pool
3:30 PM | Return to the YMCA for PM Snack (provided by the Y)
4:30 PM | Room activities choice
6:00 PM | Last pick up time

Dynamic Weekly Themes

  • Week 1: Welcome To Summer
    • Welcome week is all about gearing up for an exciting and safe summer! Campers will spend time getting to know their counselors, their new friends and what to expect each day of camp.
  • Week 2: Challenge Week
    • Campers get ready to challenge yourselves and other campers this week! Don't worry, no "Survivor" challenges here, just some good old fashioned friendly competition. 
  • Week 3: Around the World 
    • No need to board a plane just come to camp and we will explore art, food and fun from around the world! 
  • Week 4: Construction Week 
    • No project is too big or too small we build them all! Spend the week using your engineering skills to construct some truly awesome creations.  
  • Week 5: Adventureland 
    • This week is all about fun! Each day is another awesome adventure including: Alice in Wonderland; Dr. Seuss; Being Wacky and Wonderful,  and Disney Day
  • Week 6: Mad Science 
    • From gooey slime to bursting volcanos, this week will bring out the mad scientist in every camper! 
  • Week 7: Music and the Symphony of the Senses 
    • Music is magical! But can you see it, smell it, taste it or touch it? If not, we'll find something you can! This week is all about exploring the awesomeness of our senses through music, food, and more! 
  • Week 8: Animal Planet
    • Did you know that ostrich’s eye is bigger than its brain? Did you know that elephants are the only animals that can't jump or that while giraffes may have long necks, they have no vocal chords? This week campers will learn fun facts and the amazing world of animals! 
  • Week 9: Space is the Place 
    • To infinity and beyond! Campers become astronauts as they explore the vast universe around us. 
  • Week 10: Pirate Week 
    • Avast ye mateys! Set sail for a week of pirate play. Ye don’t have to walk the plank but ye may find some treasure! 
  • Week 11: Spirit Week 
    • The last week of camp is all about celebrating the fun we have had together all summer long. We will show our camp spirit each day and enjoy every last minute of summer possible!

Adventure & Discovery Camp Weekly Rates (Full Week):

Y Member - $194 per child 

Non-Member - $219 per child 

Down-payment due at registration: $30 per child  ($65 max. per family)


Discovery Camp

Completed kindergarten to 7 years old

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