Parent & Child Stage 2: 

For children ages 1-3 years old

Prerequisite: be at least 1 year old by the first day of class. 

Skills learned during this stage: 

Encourages children to explore their aquatic environment with parent’s assistance while continuing to build on basic water skills and water safety knowledge.  Introduces advanced skills such as kicking, breath control, body control, and combined arm and leg actions.  Encourages children to move in response to visual and verbal cues.  Provides an opportunity to build the parent/child relationship.  Children must wear a swim diaper if not toilet trained.

  • Enter water in a seated position and by rolling over from a seated position and sliding in   
  • Bobbing                  
  • Combined arm and leg actions on front with breathing
  • Front and back floats and glides              
  • Enter water by stepping in, jumping in and using a ladder or stairs
  • Front glide to the wall              
  • Combined arm and leg actions on back
  • Roll from front to back and back to front      
  • Wearing a life jacket in the water
  • Exploring the pool (in shallow water)        
  • Passing between adults              
  • Reaching assists
  • Using the side of the pool and a ladder to exit      
  • Drafting with breathing                
  • Basic water safety rules review
  • Opening eyes and retrieving objects below the surface    
  • Alternating or simultaneous leg actions on front and back    
  • Safety at the beach and at the waterpark
  • Opening eyes and retrieving submerged objects      
  • Alternating or simultaneous arm actions on front and back  
  • Water toys and their limitations