Fall 1 SESSION DATES: September 7-October 23

  • Registration: Members: August 9 | Non-Members: August 12

Fall 2 SESSION DATES: October 24-December 18

  • Registration: Members: October 4 | Non-Members: October 7
  • *No Lessons Wednesday, November 24 - Sunday, November 28


Thanks to a grant from the YMCA of the USA, we are able to offer free swim lessons to 100 children ages 3-13 this fall. A YMCA membership is not required to qualify. 

Families must meet income eligibility requirements (click on the link and scroll to bottom of the page to see income table) to qualify. Lessons will be offered at the Eau Claire YMCA and Chippewa Falls YMCA. 

Selected applicants will receive a voucher to register for swim lessons for the Fall 1 Session (September 7-October 23).

To apply, please complete, save with changes, and email the Free Swim Lesson Application along with proof of household income to your Aquatics Director. If you have questions or need help applying, please contact one of our Aquatics Directors:

Chippewa Falls YMCA: Carylann Menzies, cmenzies@ymca-cv.org or 715.861.2342

Eau Claire YMCA: Lori Kleist, lkleist@ymca-cv.org or 715-839-4619

Learn to Swim at the YMCA

Are you thinking about enrolling in swimming lessons? If so, you have come to the right place. The Y introduced the country to the concept of group swim lessons more than 100 years ago, (1909), and each year, the Y teaches more than a million people invaluable water safety and swimming skills.

Our Red Cross Swim Lesson Curriculum is a core group of aquatic skills every person needs to be safe around water. Students begin with and build upon skills they are ready to learn, helping them to celebrate their successes, build self-confidence, and enjoy learning to swim and water safety. We have compiled together a list of reasons why you should enroll in swimming lessons at the Y today.

1. Swimming is something you can do at any age.
This activity is something that lasts a lifetime and you can always improve it. Expose your child to swimming now and they will have a recreational, aerobic activity that they can continue to enjoy throughout the rest of their lives.

2. Be safe since 71% of the world is water.
With those statistics, drowning can happen nearly anywhere with standing water. Swimming lessons teach important safety skills to prevent drowning, which is the second leading cause of unintentional injury death among youth. 

3. Going to the beach or sending your child to summer camp?
Signing yourself or your kids up for swimming lessons will help improve confidence around the water year-round.

4. Swimming is good exercise.
Swimming is a fun and challenging way to help children and adults stay fit!

5. Swimming helps kids do better in school.
Swimming has been scientifically linked to better academic performance. Studies have found that children who swam during their developmental years achieved several physical and mental milestones faster than their non-swimming counterparts.

6. Swim lessons can help improve self-confidence.
Humans love mastering a new skill and take great pride in their achievements. Success always boosts self-confidence and makes us eager to take on further challenges.

7. Swim lessons can lead to other new adventures.
Swim lessons at any age can lead to the confidence one needs to try new activities. Whether you personally want to try something new like a new group exercise class or want to get your child involved in new adventures, swim lessons can be a great starting point.

Parent & Child Swim Lessons

Builds basic water skills for both parents and children, helping infants and young children ages 6 months to about 3 years become comfortable in the water, so they are willing and ready to learn to swim.  These basic skills include adjusting to the water environment, showing comfort while maintaining a front or back position in the water and demonstrating breath control, including blowing bubbles or voluntarily submerging under water.  

Preschool Swim Lessons

For ages 3-5 years

Gives young children about ages 3 – 5 years a positive, developmentally appropriate aquatic learning experience that emphasizes water safety, survival and foundational swimming concepts. Skills are age-appropriate, helping participants achieve success on a regular basis while in a class environment with their peers.

Learn-To-Swim | School Age Swim Lessons

For ages 6-13 years

Based on a logical, six-level progression that helps swimmers about 6 – 13 years of age develop their water safety, survival and swimming skills.  It is designed to give participants a positive learning experience.

Private Swim Lessons


If you would like to be emailed when private swim lessons open up click here.

Private lessons are 1:1 ratio with an experienced Swim Instructor within a 30-minute lesson.  Semi-Private lessons are 3:1 ratio with an experienced Swim Instructor for 30 minutes. Lessons are available for all levels, ages 3 and older, and are arranged to fit your schedule based on pool availability. Participants work on swimming skills appropriate for their ability and in accordance with their individual goals.

**Only purchase lessons once you have an instructor assigned to your lesson.**



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