Y Members, welcome back!  We look forward to having our Y Family back in our buildings. To keep our members safe and protected, the Y is following strict guidelines from the CDC, WEDC and local authorities. The Y will reopen in phases as we work to protect the health and safety of our members, staff, and community. The Y believes that exercise is a proven immunity-booster and, as a part of a healthy lifestyle, is vital to overall health and well-being. Additionally, we understand the mental and emotional dangers of social isolation. The Y aims to help members meet their physical, social, and emotional needs while also doing all we can to offer a safe and healthy environment during these difficult circumstances. Find numerous welcome back resources below! 


YMCA Tennis Center Reopening Guidelines


Important Message from Theresa Hillis, CEO


  • AGE RESTRICTION: Members 12 and older can enter the building unaccompanied. 
  • FAMILY TIME: Members younger than 12 must be accompanied by an adult while in the building during our new family swim times or family gym times, unless enrolled in our childcare programs.
    • GYM ACTIVITIES: Use of each hoop is restricted to one individual or up to 4 individuals who are either in the same household or have arrived together as a group. No pickup basketball games will be allowed at this time.
    • GYM RESERVATIONS: We strongly encourage hoops be reserved in advance because space is limited. Any unreserved hoops can be reserved in person at the Member Service Desk. Reservations can be made online by clicking here.
    • GYM AGE REQUIREMENTS: Members must be 12 years of age and older to use the gym during open gym times. During family gym time, parent/guardians must be present to supervise youth ages 11 and under. The supervising adult must be in the gymnasium with the child during family gym time.  
    • OTHER GYM REQUIREMENTS: Remember, the family or group (limited to up to 4 individuals) must come into the Y together and play at the same hoop. Proper social distancing is required after exiting the gym. We ask individuals to bring their own basketballs. 
    • POOL ACTIVITIES: Individual open/lap swim and family swim time is now available. There is a lane time limit of 45 minutes per member per visit. Many restrictions are in place for your safety so please read the following bullet points carefully.
    • POOL RESERVATIONS: We strongly encourage lanes be reserved in advance because space is limited. Any unreserved lanes can be reserved in person at the Member Service Desk. Lane usage time begins at the top of the hour during designated open/lap lane swim times. Reservations can be made online by clicking here.
    • POOL AGE REQUIREMENTS: Members must be 16 years of age and older to use open/lap swim time. During family swim time, parent/guardians must be present to supervise youth ages 11 and under. For children 7 years and younger, the parent/guardian must accompany the child in the water. Ages 8-11, the supervising adult can either sit in a chair in the pool area or can be in the water with the children. Youth ages 12-15 do not need to have parent supervision during family swim time, but parents are welcome to supervise if they wish. 
    • OTHER POOL REQUIREMENTS: For designated family swim time, the family unit must come into the Y and into the pool together, and swim and/or play in the designated family swim area. Proper social distancing is needed after leaving the pool. Members using the pool are only able to walk through the locker rooms and should not be showering before or after pool usage. Only reserved lockers are available at Chippewa Falls and Eau Claire. Please arrive at the YMCA dressed for swimming to limit the use of locker rooms. 
  • RACQUETBALL:  Racquetball is available. Play is limited to individual, family or play with people you are maintaining close contact with. Courts can be reserved in advance. Unreserved courts are available on a first come, first serve basis. Individuals must bring their own equipment to play.
  • GROUP EXERCISE AND FITNESS CLASSES: In-person classes will be offered on a limited basis. Please view class schedules on our website, social media sites and the YMCA app. Classes will be held in a gym or large studio. Please check your branch group exercise schedule to see where class will be held. The number of individuals who can participate in indoor classes is limited and spots will need to be reserved. If additional spots are available, they will be offered on a first come, first serve basis. Classes outdoors will not be limited but participants must adhere to distancing requirements. If weather does not permit, outdoor classes will be cancelled. WEDC guidelines state that COVID-19 is not spread through sweat. Items touched will be regularly disinfected because respiratory droplets can settle on them.  If you are not ready to take classes at the Y, you can still participate in your favorite classes via a mobile device anytime, anywhere! Our NEW FACEBOOK GROUP (CLICK HERE) gives you 24-hour access to fitness classes taught by our instructors!