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Bringing free food and 
fun to your community!


Y on the Fly is a mobile YMCA unit that offers free programs aimed to help youth of all ages stay active and engaged in mind, body, and spirit that provides healthy meals to children and families, educational enrichment, physical activities, games, and more. This summer, in partnership with the Chippewa Falls Area Unified School District (CFAUSD) and Feed My People Food Bank (FMP), Y on the Fly will be hosting mobile events at local elementary schools throughout Chippewa Falls. Those 18 and younger are welcome to join us for 1 hour of free coordinated games and activities, followed by a sack lunch provided by the CFAUSD, and a food truck pantry provided by FMP at Parkview at each week.


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Every child is served a healthy lunch which consists of a fruit, vegetable, grain, milk and protein. Everyone in the community is also invited to visit the Feed My People Food Truck that will be sending home food to anyone who needs it. 

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The Y is committed to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) focused learning as well as emphasizing social-emotional learning for holistic youth development. Activities brought on site will not only be educationally enriching but are committed to fostering community engagement between kids, teens, and families of all ages.

Following HEPA (Healthy Eating and Physical Activity) standards, it is recommended that children have 60 minutes of play each day. Our expert staff will lead fun group games and movement challenges so every kid is actively having fun.

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Y on the Fly 2023 Fuel & Fun.png


Please register for the school site(s) your child plans to attend. You only need to register for the program once and are welcome to attend all summer long!


How do I bring Y on the Fly to my community?

Please contact Carrie Mathwig, Healthy Living Director, Chippewa Falls YMCA​

Can I support this program through a donation, either in-kind of monetarily?

Yes, this program is offered free to our communities and donations are needed to continue to provide these services. Please contact Carrie Mathwig for any donations.

Who can participate in Y on the Fly?

Any kids or teens, 18 years and under are invited to participate in Y on the Fly in their community. For kids under 6, we ask that they are accompanied by someone 12 years or older. Y on the Fly is a drop-in program. Kids and teens can come and go as they please. We are not able to walk kids home.

Who can bring food home from the Feed My People Food Truck?

Anyone who needs it! You are welcome to pick up food for multiple households. No ID required. No registration is required, walk-ups are welcome. 

Do I need to be a Y Member to participate in this program?

No, a YMCA Membership is not needed. This program is open and free for all kids and teens!

Does Y on the Fly partner with any other local organizations?

We do! As the Y collaborates with other community organizations, opportunities arise to bring additional goods and services to our partner properties.


Contact Carrie Mathwig, Healthy Living Director, Chippewa Falls YMCA

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