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The Chippewa Falls YMCA is excited to introduce a state-of-the-art Golf Room with a launch monitor (3D tracking) and Simulator! The 75-inch screen and Fuberbuilt turf mat closely resemble true fairway impact. The simulator offers skill challenges to improve different aspects of your game, 40 simulated golf courses to play on, and practice ranges to work on ball striking.

The putting surface allows for you to practice putts up to 35 feet or to work on chipping. The large hitting bay to better judge ball flight and trajectory. Our state-of-the-art Mevo Plus technology tracks 16 accurate performance data parameters to help fine-tune your swing.


Benefits of our large hitting bay:

  • Better visual feedback on ball flight and trajectory than with traditional simulators

  • Ample vertical and horizontal space to work on short chipping accuracy

  • Artificial turf surface provides room to practice putts up to 35 feet


Benefits of Mevo Plus technology:

  • Tracking of 16 measures of performance data

  • 3D tracking radar provides more accurate feedback

  • Simulator mode to practice your skills on five golf courses

  • Skills Challenges to improve different aspects of your game

  • Practice range to work on consistency in ball striking


COST: Members: FREE | Non-Members: $15 per hour with YMCA Member

HOURS: Sunday-Saturday, 7 AM - Close

AGE: This service is available to individuals 15 years and older. 15 years and younger can go in with an adult (18 years and older).

Reservations can be made by clicking here. 

Golf Lessons

Golf is easy to complicate. Using out Mevo+ golf simulator paired with an understanding of the modern ball flight laws, we will simplify your golf swing and focus on functionality.

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