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Realize Your Potential

Need a little extra push? Our YMCA-certified Personal Trainers are committed to helping you improve your physical fitness, health, and overall quality of life. They will help you determine and achieve your personal fitness goals and aid in the development of your own personal program. Personal training is available to adults and youth, as individuals, pairs, or small groups.


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Complimentary Wellness Consultation

The YMCA offers an exclusive, complimentary wellness consultation for all members, providing personalized guidance on achieving your fitness goals. During the session, you'll explore how the YMCA supports your health journey, with a focus on tailored advice. The wellness professional will showcase facilities, equipment, amenities, and free group exercise classes. The trainer will provide guidance into personalized training options and how to make the YMCA an integral part of your fitness routine. This one-on-one session empowers you with the knowledge to maximize your membership for health and fitness goals!

To schedule your consult at the Chippewa Falls YMCA or Eau Claire Downtown YMCA, click the schedule consultation button below. 

To schedule a consult at Eau Claire South YMCA please visit or call the Member Service Desk, (715) 552-4570.


Personal Training (1-on-1)

By working with a trainer, you will receive instruction and encouragement to push yourself further than you can imagine. You will get more than just a challenging workout; you'll be taught how to exercise effectively and safely to achieve your goals, rehabilitate injuries and become a new you!

Partner Training (2-on-1)

For couples, friends, or those with similar training goals, we offer 2:1 training or partner training as a way of saving money, getting additional motivation from your workout partner, and allowing trainers to challenge you both.

Small Group Training (3-6 on 1)

Small group training is an affordable way to take advantage of a trainer's expertise, creativity, and motivation at a lower cost. Draw from the energy of your group as you push yourself for real results. Small group training is for 3-6 participants creating smaller, intimate classes with more individualized attention.

Yoga Personal Training 

Personalize your yoga experience with Carolyn Thomas as your Personal Trainer. Carolyn has over 27 years of fitness experience and is excited to bring your Yoga experience to the next level. 

*Free introductory Yoga Personal Training session included with the purchase of a package for new Yoga Personal Training clients only. Redeemable once.

Manual Release Therapy

Manual release therapy is a hands-on type of targeted massage and body manipulation that releases tightness and pain throughout your muscles and myofascial tissues. 

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Dedication. Expertise. Passion. Knowledge.

At the YMCA of the Chippewa Valley, we believe that fitness should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their age, gender or fitness level. That’s why we provide personalized training sessions that cater to your specific needs and goals. Our trainers are experienced professionals that are passionate about helping people improve their physical health and overall wellbeing. We provide a non-judgmental, supportive environment that encourages you to challenge yourself and grow.

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