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The Fitness Center at the Chippewa Falls YMCA and Eau Claire YMCA includes exercise machines, stretching areas, free weights, and strength training equipment. Although specific equipment varies by location, you can achieve a complete workout in the Fitness Center by blending flexibility, strength, and endurance. Members who are 12 years and older of all levels and abilities are welcome in the Fitness Center. We encourage all new members to take advantage of our FREE Wellness Consultation! This is a great first step if you are new to exercise, getting back on track, or if you are an avid exerciser looking for a little more guidance and expertise.


Complimentary Wellness Consultation

Free to all YMCA members!  Meet with a wellness professional to determine your fitness goals, receive SMART goal-based assessments, and then be provided individual recommendations on how to best use your YMCA membership to reach your goals.  Body composition testing, heart rate, blood pressure, functional movement screening, flexibility, strength, endurance, and performance testing can all be measured followed by a complimentary personal training session customized to your best course of action. To schedule your consultation,  please click below.

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