A senior man by the swimming pool


​The Eau Claire YMCA Spa area includes a hot tub, steam room, and sauna.

  • You can access this area through our locker rooms. Go through the pool area and enter the spa door near the shallow end of the large pool. 

  • This area is for adults 18 years and older only.

  • Swim attire must be worn.

  • Must be reserved and reservations begin on the hour.

    • Can be reserved by an individual, household, or same social bubble as long as everyone is over the age of 18.

    • Hot tub has a capacity of 6 people.   

  • The spa will be locked when not in use. Please pick-up the key at the Member Service Desk.

  • Bring your own towel.

  • Showering is required before entering the hot tub.

  • There is NO lifeguard on duty. Use hot tub at own risk.

  • No food or glass is allowed in the SPA area.

  • Staff may walk through based on their duties.

  • Only available during open pool hours – if the pool closes, the spa closes – download our YMCA app to make sure you’re notified of any closures.

  • There are now 4 keys available at the Member Service Desk for check-out to help with making the area more easily accessible to those already using the aquatics area around their reserved spa time. 

  • In order to take a key from the Member Service Desk, members are required to give the desk their car keys or ID. This is to help ensure that keys are returned.  


  • UPDATE (4/4/2022):

  • As our Spa area is seeing high-demand, we will be making some changes beginning April 4.

    • Spa times will now be open for reservation AND have open usage times.​

      • Monday - Friday: 5 AM - 1 PM | Reservation Only​

      • Monday - Thursday: 2 PM - 8 PM | Open Usage Time

      • Friday: 2 PM - 7 PM | Open Usage Time

    • Please respect capacity limits in each area:

      • Hot Tub: 5 people

      • Sauna: 4 people

      • Steam Room: 4 people​

Instructions on how to register online are here or stop at our Member Service Desk. 

Click here to begin making your reservation.